The Gilded Gotham Series

Deception By Gaslight

Betrayal on the Bowery

Treachery on Tenth Street

Opulence and Ashes

Massage Therapy Camp Hill

Book Three in the Gilded Gotham Mystery Series 


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Treachery on Tenth Street

As a heat wave engulfs New York in the summer of 1889, the city’s top models begin turning up dead, one by one, suggesting the work of a single killer. Society girl turned investigative journalist Genevieve Stewart is drawn into the case when Beatrice Holler, one of her friend Callie’s fellow models, is found with her throat cut.

Genevieve and her compatriot, wealthy Daniel McCaffrey, are joined by Callie to seek out the suspects, which leads them to search for answers from the members of the elite, notorious gangsters, and the city’s most prominent painters.

In an era when London’s Jack the Ripper murders have everyone on edge, the police want to keep the killings quiet. But the bodies are piling up as fast as the suspects—and unless the killer is found, the simmering New York summer could boil over into madness.


“[A] well-researched, intriguing historical mystery depicting culture and social class in Gilded-Age Gotham.”

Library Journal Review

starred review

“A rich combination of mystery and boldly painted historic detail.”

Kirkus Review

“Evocative . . . Anne Perry fans will be pleased.”

Publisher’s Weekly Review

“Keeps you on the edge of your seat with a lush writing style that sends you back to the 1800s.”

San Franisco Book Review

The Gilded Gotham Mystery Series