The Gilded Gotham Series

Deception By Gaslight

Betrayal on the Bowery

Treachery on Tenth Street

Opulence and Ashes

Massage Therapy Camp Hill

Book Two in the Gilded Gotham Mystery Series 


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Betrayal on the Bowery

New York City, summer 1889. Society girl-turned-investigative journalist Genevieve Stewart and wealthy Daniel McCaffrey have arrived at the docks to see their friends, Rupert and Esmie Milton, off on their honeymoon. But the romantic idyll comes to a screeching halt when a crazed man bursts into their stateroom screaming about demons and drops dead before their eyes.

The dead man is Marcus Dalrymple, who had once asked Esmie to marry him–and inside Marcus’s pocket, Daniel finds a medallion that they trace to a Lower East Side bar called Boyle’s Suicide Tavern. The medallions are prizes given to anyone who spends the night there without dying.

Clearly, a visit to Boyle’s could prove hazardous, but it may offer the only clue to Dalrymple’s death. Genevieve and Daniel barely escape the bar with their lives but learn that the crime could have a connection to the recent disappearance of a sugar baron’s daughter. Only after another young man plunges to his death from a rooftop bar–also screaming about demons–do the pieces of the puzzle begin to come together.

The clues lead Genevieve and Daniel far from the city’s moneyed environs to a reputedly haunted mansion deep in the Bronx. There, they will confront the truth–and the demon at its heart.


“An action-packed historical mystery with a strong female protagonist and hints of future romance.”

Library Journal Review

starred review

“Another perilous adventure . . . Strong characters bolster an excellent mystery brimming with danger, romance, and historical tidbits.”

Kirkus Review

“Enough plot twists to keep the reader guessing.”

Historical Novel Society Review

“Enough excitement, danger, and a touch of humor that will undoubtedly leave the reader eager for the next adventure.”

New York Journal of Books Review

The Gilded Gotham Mystery Series