Washington Square Series

Book I: A Featured Affair

Under the gaslight glamour of New York City’s Gilded Age ballrooms, Justine Stewart is a fish out of water. Though her eccentric family is old New York money and a decided part of the Astor 400 (the number of people deemed acceptable by the city’s matriarch of society, Mrs. Astor), Justine wants more than parties and suitors: she longs to make a name for herself as an investigative journalist under the pseudonym Polly Palmer. If she could break the story of the infamous Robin Hood of the Lower East Side, who steals from the rich and gives to the poor, she knows her editor would take her seriously.

Daniel McCaffrey, mysterious heir to a vast fortune from an old New York scion, is one the city’s most elusive and eligible bachelors. Despite his unknown origins, hostesses are desperate to have him, his rakish good looks, and his inherited millions attend their functions. Tortured by his past, Daniel is desperate to avoid the beautiful, witty, nosy journalist who has decided he might be a subject worth investigating. It’s terribly inconvenient, then, that he finds himself fantasizing about what she’d be like in bed.

From the towers of the Brooklyn Bridge to the brilliant lights of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, Daniel and Justine play a game of cat-and-mouse amidst ever-growing attraction. Can Justine set aside her professional ambitions for the sake of love? Can Daniel let go of his past enough to trust? Or will they both find their hearts stolen?